Experiences we offer

Bespoke packages can be tailor made to suit requirements.
Most areas of the UK are considered with competitive prices to create a unique experience that promises to change the way you 
think about how criminals are caught! 
Professional team building
Professional team building interactive forensic experience. Work together in your team to
examine the murder scene and the body and catch the murderer. A fun and unique event,
particularly great for any Line of Duty, Silent Witness fans! 

After finding all the forensic evidence, getting the lab results and
listening to the recordings of the suspect interviews you and your team will decide who the
killer is. 

We use the same equipment used in the Police and the techniques and procedures
to capture the forensic evidence. Hayley also shares many stories of her experiences working
as a CSI for 14 years.
Experienced CSI Presentation
CSI Presentation on the life of a CSI and what actually happens behind the crime scene tape.

This is available as a talk to groups be it adults or children. This can be offered as a virtual event anywhere around the world. Hayley has lots of experience in giving this talk and has spoken to over 24,000 adults and children on Zoom since the pandemic changed the way Hayley could run her company (June 2020 to April 2021).

During that time she has spoken to over 23,000 children and adults from all around the UK and the world. 
CSI Experience and Murder Mystery Events

Examine a murder scene with a lifelike silicone body

Crime Scene birthday Parties
Forensic children's birthday party from 7 years and above. A fun but also educational
experience for children, all content is age appropriate depending on the ages of those

A great opportunity for children to get an insight into the career of a CSI! After
finding the hidden fingermarks and DNA evidence the children will watch the recordings of
the suspect interviews and then work together and catch the burglar.
CSI  WorkshopS
CSI workshops and interactive crime scene events in primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities.
CSI After School Clubs
If you are local to Berkshire Hayley also offers a unique CSI after school club.
Which Is a 6 week course for the children giving them a real insight into the life of a 
CSI. Educational and fun at the same time!